• Multitasking professionals

    We are a group of creative professionals with experience in finance,information technology,business re-engineering ,oil and gas and various other business solutions.Through our expertise,we provide solutions that has endeared us to numerous clients.

  • Bring color to your company

    We instill life into your company through special brand re-organisation and re-creation.We provide colours that will attract your business to customers all over the world.This is achieved through website re-development and ,product re-branding.

  • Beat the market. Be unique.

    Uniqueness is an essential quality that must be present in any product.This separates your product from the others.We provide solutions that places you ahead of the market in terms of uniqueness,easy marketing, value creation, originality and product differentiation.

What We Do

Who we are

We employ current concepts,technology and know-how in addressing our customers needs and we possess a special knack for excellence.

  • We are value driven.
  • We provide and advocate quality content.
  • We preach and use great and attractive User experience and Interface design.
  • Our applications are custom made.
  • Our work differentiates you from your competitors.

Web Application

We develop exceptional web applications by using modern frameworks like CodeIgniter, Laravel, Backbone.js, Ruby on Rails, Magento, Prestashop, OpenCart, Wordpress, Getsimple and many other cutting edge technologies.
We develop applications such as:

  • Ecommerce Web Applications
  • Content Management Systems
  • Customer Relationship Management Systems
  • Accounting & Finance Application
  • Invoice Management System
  • Inventory Management Applications
  • E-learning & School Management System
  • Custom Made Solutions

Facebook Applications

We build Facebook web application version of existing websites.This makes it accessible to the social media network family.We also integrate other social networks as per customers request.

Custom Development

We develop cost effective,dynamic and simple Information technology,business and financial solutions that are built for our clients on specification as we uniquely create solutions that put your business ahead of the market

Support 24/7

We are with you 24/7 through our state of the art CRM system.Our customer relationship managers are always on hand to attend to you at all times providing you with answers to any of your enquiries.You can contact us via servicecare@stilbein.com

Building Intuitive Mobile Applications

Going Mobile is no longer a choice but a necessity.At Stilbein, we develop cross platform mobile optimised websites and Native App which gives your customers a superior mobile experience.As your sales increase,our intuitive and elegant mobile application will help you reach your customers wherever.

  • Development under the Apple IOS Platform
  • Development under the Google Android Platform
  • Development under the Windows Platform
  • Development under the Blackberry 7 and 10 Platforms
  • Development under the Web HTML5 Platform

Modern & Interactive Websites

We build attractive websites with great interface design and user experience.We partner with brands with big ideas to create an online enviroment that engages exisiting,new and prospective customers.We make your website easy to find.
Features of our website solutions are:

  • Search engine friendly
  • Simple layered navigation
  • Website promoption(SEO)
  • CSS and Java technologies
  • High ranking on google
  • Modern framework integration

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